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Poetry Kit Directory of Competitions
Provides a detailed and comprehensive listing of worldwide, English-language poetry contests, including those who do not maintain a web site. The lists are formatted in a style that makes it easy to browse and compare what the various contests offer.

Burry Man Writers Center - Grants, Fellowships, Contests
A listing of writers' resources provides a large number of clickable sites for literary contests and competitions.

Find, list, apply for contest and competitions with single click. Free Service.

Provides information on specific essay contests to win a home, restaurant or business, and tips on how to avoid scams.

Grants and Awards
A highly selective listing of grants, awards and prizes in poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction, is compiled by Poetry and Writers Magazine.

How to Win Writing Contests, Literary Competitions, Short Story Awards, Poetry Prizes, Etc.
Provides detailed guidelines, tips and information on achieving success in creative writing contests. Also organizes and provides up-to-date news on the annual Writers' Success Essay Contest, the Tom Howard Poetry Contest, and the Tom Howard Short Story Contest.

Index of Irish Literary Competitions
Features a comprehensive, annotated listing, providing full details of all Irish literary contests and awards, including Dublin's annual International Literary Award with prize money of 100,000 pounds.

Literary Competitons and Awards
Provides a clickable listing of UK book awards and prizes, plus some manuscript competitions and foreign awards.

Ultimate Media
Promotes the purchase of e-books on various types of competitions, including one on writing which describes the contents and gives samples of current contests, their rules and deadlines.

Warnings and Cautions for Writers--Writing Contests and Vanity Anthologies
Provides advice and comprehensive links on scams that target budding writers.

Write Link Competitions Directory
Provides a comprehensive, worldwide listing of English-language web sites that offer various literary contests.

Write Ways to Win Writing Contests
Offers authors and contestants valuable advice extracted from the editor's own book, "Write Ways to Win Writing Contests", and provides links to two major booksellers.

Writing Scams
Offers a comprehensive guide to publication scams and writing contest frauds, including how they work, how to spot them, and how to avoid them.

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