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Beta Reader Pages
Writing help and beta readers for writers of fan fiction.

DangerMom's Handy-Dandy Grammar Guide
Style guide geared to fan fiction writers.

The Elements of Phyle
The non-authoritative guide to the use of the English language in X Files fan fiction.

Fan Fiction Forums
Well-organized set of discussion group areas and links relating to fan fiction and writing in general. Also hosts contests, challenges and regular chats.

Fan Works Inc.
Home to many varieties of Fan Fiction, Fan Art, Original Fiction, Columns, Fan-made Games, and one of the last truly free Fan Works Communities.

Automated fan-fiction upload archive. Fandomination.Net is now a general fanfiction archive.

Fanfic Challenges
A resource for writers who are trying to find time to write or are experiencing writers-block. Accepting challenges for all fandoms.

Fanfic Writer
This list is for writers/ authors, amateur or otherwise, who enjoy writing fan fiction. Our purpose is to help each other improve our writing, and support one another in the trials, tribulations and joys of creation.

Critique group for fan fiction writers.

Site includes a FAQ for fan fiction writers.

Fanfiction Writers' Alliance
Collection of boards, beta readers, tips, help, general chat and topical discussion plus featured fan fiction, the random fic roulette, articles.

A resource for writing, reviewing and reading fanfiction stories.

Fic Fanatic
A resource for readers and writers of fanfiction. Includes writing workshops and tutorials, links to fandom-specific writing sites, and links to fanfiction archives.

How to Write Almost Readable Fan Fiction
Ms. Nitpicker uses samples from fan fiction to demonstrate dialogue, thought, vocabulary, and other issues, with some background details for selected fandoms.

Legal Fictions
Copyright, fan fiction, and a new common law. By Rebecca Tushnet.

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