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Agents and Managers

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Literary management and motion picture production.

Artists Industry Management
Career development for screenwriters and television writers.

The Chadwick and Gros Literary Agency
Contains scripts written for feature films/movies which are currently available.

Creative Media Management
Technical and literary agency representing above and below the line creatives in film, television, and theatre.

Creative Script Services
Script management service offers readings, evaluations, and representation for screenwriters.

Hollywood Script Shark
An industry-based company that aids writers in selling their scripts as well as getting agents, optioned, and produced. Provides coverage, analysis, and development notes.

LaSalle Holland
Talent management and production company representing actors and screenwriters.

Phifer Media Management
List of services and contact information.

SMA Literary Agency
Screenplays and story outlines represented by Sara Margoshes for producers and development executives to review and request.

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Home > Directory > Screenwriting > Agents and Managers

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