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Sub-categories: Humor | Personal Assistance | Quizzes and Handouts

Fundamental Grammar - NIU English
A comprehensive page covering major word classes, punctuation guides, phrases, clauses and sentence structures accompanied by quizzes.

Gallaudet Writer's Handbook
This site is an online version of the grammar and style handbook that was designed specifically to improve the writing skills of deaf and hard of hearing college students.

german and english proofreading service
Provide guide for writing correct grammar, vocabulary, spelling or punctuation in German and English.

"Get It Write" English Grammar and Usage Tips
The site offers a new tip about English grammar and usage every two weeks. Currently the archive contains thirty-four tips. People can subscribe to have the tips sent to their e-mail address free of charge.

Glossary of English Grammar Terms
A fully cross-referenced dictionary of gramatical terms of English language containing more than 250 English grammar entries.

Grammar and Usage for the Non-Expert
Targeted, nontechnical articles on problems of grammar and usage that even good writers sometimes have trouble with.

Grammar Bytes! Interactive Grammar Review
Grammar explanations, handouts for teachers and students, and interactive exercises

Grammar Chapter of the Crazy Colour Writing Skills Handbook
Provides advice and suggestions to help improve grammar usage and get your message across effectively. Includes basic rules of punctuation, words and expressions commonly misused, apostrophes - correct usage and ten linguistic guidelines checklist.

Grammar for Reading and Writing
An innovative review of grammatical principles essential to reading and writing and a discussion of the varied roles inference plays in understanding the written word.

Grammar Gospel
General review of English grammar and style.

Grammar Help Page
Grammar help written by Ruth and her students and gleaned and linked from a variety of Web sites around the world.

Grammar site to help writers and teachers.
Offers opt-in subscribers a free, monthly ezine with a grammar feature and Q&A's submitted by readers, along with a review of a writing resource.

Brought to you by Patricia T. O'Conner, author of "Woe Is I," and the writer Stewart Kellerman.

Find lessons in English grammar. Topics include subject and verb agreement, proper use of pronouns, and modal verbs.

How to Write Well: Using the Apostrophe
Tutorial on the use of apostrophes for omission and possession.

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Home > Directory > Style Guides > Grammar

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