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├╝cretsiz ingilizce dersleri, kpdsi yds testleri, seslendirme robotu

The Kings's English, 2nd ed.
Online publication of H.W. Fowler's "The King's English."

The Online Writing Project
Provides and organizes writing guides and grammar handouts created by writing centers and English Departments at American universities.

Online Writing Resources
Interactive lessons in grammar, mechanics and punctuation using PowerPoint, Word, and HTML.

Plain English Training
Online courses in plain English and grammar.

Plain Words
A guide to the use of English by Sir Ernest Gowers.

Punctuation Made Simple
Discussion of several of the most useful punctuation marks: the colon, semicolon, comma, dash, and apostrophe.

Reflexive Pronouns
Explanation of usage for reflexive pronouns: myself, himself, herself, themselves, and ourselves. Includes practice sentences and an answer key.

Sentence Diagrams
Diagrams of moderately long and complex sentences are accompanied by explanations for both beginners and experienced diagrammers.

Tomato Nation: Sincerely Your's
Essay about incorrect grammar usage, with examples of common errors and advice as to how to avoid them.

Tutoring English Grammar and Composition
Free online program of instruction in basic English grammar and composition for the use of parents and others and for those learning English as a second language.

Webgrammar's Place
Tips, tutorials, and resources for writers, students, editors, educators, and web designers. Also, Webgrammar answers questions about American English grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and usage.

Writers University: Grammar Guide
A collection of essays on appropiate grammar usage in fan fiction.

Writing Assistance
The site improves literary style in written English, corrects grammar, spelling and syntax; and gives clarity to presentation of material. It applies to essays, research papers, projects, theses and reports.

Your Guide to English Prepositions
Software program designed to help users find/know the right preposition in 5 seconds.

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Home > Directory > Style Guides > Grammar

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