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Internet Writers' Ring
This webring is designed as a means of linking those sites on the web that are related to all aspects of reading and writing, poetry and stories.

Kitten's Writing Guild Ring
Created for writers of all genres. Member sites eligible to win site of the month award given by Ringmistress.

Non Native English Speaking Writers
For non-native English speaking amateur writers writing in English. Write in any language you want, but have a good amount of English material on your site. Be concerned with writing good English and improving your skills.

Loosely connected group of writers who keep online journals and consider webrings an imperfect solution.

Official BoW Webring
This ring has been created to link together the pages of writers and poets who utilize the BoW mailing-list, and decided to share their works with the world.

The Poetry Empire Webring
A webring of poetry and writing sites.

The Poetry Webring
A webring for all kinds of poetry and writing. Site also has an ezine and forum.

The Ring of Authors
For and about writers of all ages, cultures, and countries.

The Ring Of Girl Writers
For girls aged 9 to 16.

The Ring Of Words
This ring, started in July 1996, connects writers all over the net. This Ring is geared towards creative writing content. Creative writing content in this ring comes through words.

Ring of Writers
Must have a completed webpage that offers writing tips, suggestions, help to fellow writers.

SFWA Webring
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Webring. For members only.

For online writers who care about proper spelling in their journals and blogs.

Starving Authors Webring
Sites that contain original writings or discourse on other people's writings. No illegally-used copyrighted material is welcome in my ring.

This ring is made up of writers, young, old, established, and emerging. We strive to collect the most fascinating people and pieces, as well as original web design and thought.

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