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Workshops and Courses

Sub-categories: Fiction | Non-Fiction

Writing Bliss! E-mail Courses for Writers
Fun, creative and motivating free and affordable e-mail courses for writers

Roberta Allen's Writing Workshop
Flash fiction, micro memoirs since 1991, taught by author of FAST FICTION, THE PLAYFUL WAY TO SERIOUS WRITING, THE PLAYFUL WAY TO KNOWING YOURSELF, five other books, & New School University instructor for 13 yrs.

International Women's Writing Guild
Non-profit organization for the empowerment of women through writing. Site provides details of regional workshops and a wealth of useful information about services and benefits available to IWWG members. No portfolio is required.

Affordable Online Writing Courses
Freelancer offers a variety of inexpensive correspondence courses on writing: freelancing, nonfiction articles, short fiction, fiction writing, query letters, plotting, editing & critiquing.

Alicia Hilton
Former FBI agent, attorney, and author, offering writing workshops and consulting services.

The American University of Paris Online Writing Lab
Active and useful online writing lab offering resources on grammar, essays, summaries, research papers, MLA style, Turabian style, quotations, plagiarism, and cover letters.

Associated Writing Programs
AWP is a nonprofit service organization for writers. Hosts annual writing conference and many activities for writers. Site includes articles, career resources, literary links, and a wealth of information. Since 1967, AWP has supported writers and writing programs around the world. They now support over 21,000 writers at over 340 member colleges and universities and 125 writers' conferences and centers.

The Attic
The attic is a unique writer's workshop (and haven) in Portland. Visit to read about workshops and enjoy the atmosphere in this writing community.

Bay Area Fiction Workshop
Fiction writing workshops in the San Francisco area. May provide a model for setting up workshops in other communities. Includes characterization, dialogue, and point of view.

Better Writing Skills
Offers downloadable book, Better Writing Skills, to help with business, thesis, technical and creative writing.

Boston Screenwriting Workshop
Boston Screenwriting Workshop provides classes for beginning to professional screenwriters in the New England area. Targets writers who are "serious about writing and can't go to UCLA or NYU Film School."

CalArts MFA in Writing
The CalArts Writing MFA is neither a "creative" nor a "critical" writing program -- instead it attempts to question and provoke the mutations that occur in forms and styles of writing and reading.

Centauri Arts Summer Writing Retreat
Short residential courses in Creative Writing, located in Bethany, Ontario.

CGU Writing Center
The Claremont Graduate University Writing Center offers an active online writing resource for graduate level students. Offers transdisciplinary programs that encourage collaboration and communication. The goal is to help students negotiate the challenges of graduate level writing while encouraging them to develop their own critical voices and editorial skills.

Clarity Works Writing Classes and Coaching
Writing teacher helps each student free her or his writing voice. In this container - whether it's a class, workshop, retreat or individual session - each person feels nurtured and safe, allowing her to risk revealing the complexity and fullness of her experience-her story. Held in Asheville, North Carolina plus online.

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