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Workshops and Courses

Sub-categories: Fiction | Non-Fiction

ClearWriter® is an online system of tools, training, and resources that improve business and professional writing. Offers 12 hours of training. It helps with structure, clarity, conciseness, and precision.

Course to Excel in Writing
Free online writing course for technical and fiction writers. School for Championships features free online writing course. Covers screen writing, children's stories, and technical writing.

Create a Kids' Book
Delightful website for writers of children's books. Holds regular monthly workshops in Victoria, Australia. Also offers manuscript assessment service for children's books.

The Creative Project Institute
Workshops for writers focusing on completing a manuscript.

Creative Writing Class
This Creative Writing Lesson deals with Writer's Block and how to get rid of it. Offers several resources on freelance writing.

Creative writing courses
Creative writing courses for aspiring writers including residential weekend courses in picturesque Devon UK.

Creative writing practice courses
Nita Sweeney offers classes in Columbus, Ohio, based on many years of study with best-selling auther, Natalie Goldberg.

Creative Writing Programs at Bowling Green State University
One of the oldest established programs in the country, Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University offers both BFA and MFA degrees and has an outstanding record of graduate success in publication and career preparation.

Cynthia Gallaher's Creative Writing Workshops
Trainer's page offers workshops at Midwestern library, school or arts organizations. Includes poetry writing, journal writing, nature writing, and children's workshops.

Dorian Haarhoff, Writer
"We called him Tortoise, because he taught us," they said. Dr. Haarhoff teaches wholistically with courses that suit corporate clients and individuals. Available for settings throughout South Africa.

Field's End
Field's End is a writers' community on Bainbridge Island, Washington, offering workshops, lectures, and courses for literary writers. Field's End exists to inspire writers and nurture the written word through instruction in the art and craft of writing.

Find Your Mission in Life Workshop & Conference
Specializing in self-actualization and meditation, this site includes writing therapy: journaling and creative writing.

Fire in the Head creative writing programme
Creative writing courses in picturesque UK countryside. Features the idea of 'whole person' writing, with emphasis on the imagination and creative expression. Students are encouraged to be "literary pyromaniacs" - finding ways to kindle fire and write the blazing results as story or poetry.

Freelance Editing and Proofreading Courses
Freelancers offers a course in freelance writing. The course includes: concepts of editing and proofreading, style, layout, spellings, common mistakes, etc. Also includes a Santorini, a short manuscript as you would see it after it has been copyedited.

Glencoe Online Writers Choice
Web site hosted by national educational publisher providing writing assessment and evaluation models, lesson plans, annotated writing models, interactive quizzes, study guides, and practice in proofreading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary.

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Home > Directory > Workshops and Courses

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